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 Course 6 starts in aug 2018  See under Trainers 

Course 4 Mangalore 2016/2017 at Yenepoya University


Modules (each: 30 study-hours plus Homework)

Basic Module 2016: Friday Dec. 16th to Sunday Dec. 18th

Advanced Module 1 : Friday Feb. 17th to Sunday Feb. 19st 2017

Advanced Module 2: in July 2017

Advanced Module 3: in October 2017


Time table: send a mail and we will send it

Registration: Is open until Wednesday 15th Feb. 2017 of Modul 1, pls send a mail: sign-in

The course is certified by MediAcion Germany and Yenepoya University Medical College and Nursing College and is conducted along the Median Level of training of EAPC.

Participants: University and College teaching staff: MD and professionals with academic background from social work, psychotherapy, physiotherapy with at least three years of working and/or teaching experiences (exceptions possible on request).

The participants will participate in a 160 hours course of Palliative care and teach at the same time in the course itself. They will get feed-back on their teaching from the participants and from the conductors of the course, Prof. Prabha Adhikari and Prof. Jochen Becker-Ebel, EPEC trainers. Additional input on teaching will be given during the course. As additional trainer Dr. Naveen Salin. EPEC Master trainer will attend the first modul of this course.


Course 2016 = Course 3 KMC Attavar, Mangalore


Modules (each: 30 hours plus Homework)

Basic Module: Wednesday Jan. 20th to Sunday Jan. 24th

Advanced Module 1 : Friday Feb. 19th to Sunday Feb. 21st

Advanced Module 2: Sunday, July 10th to Tuesday July 12th

Advanced Module 3: Sunday, October 16th to Tuesday October 18th


The course is certified by MediAcion Germany and Manipal University.



Course 2015/2016 = Course 2



Modules (each: Wednesday midday to Sunday midday, 40 hours)

Basic Module:          Aug. 26th to 30th, 2015

2nd week/Module 1: Dec., 9th to 13th 2015

3rd week/Module 2: Jan., 13th to 17th 2016

4th week/Module 3: Feb., 17th to 21st 2016


Participants: 18 participants – only MD and professionals with academic
background from social work, psychotherapy, physiotherapy with at least three
years of working experiences (exceptions possible on request)

Fees: send a mail for inquiry; stipends are available

Venue: KMC Hospital Attavar, Mangalore

Time table: similar to the time table 2014/2015; download available in
June 2015.

Curriculum: The UG curriculum of Indian and Foreign Palliative Care
experts written in May 2013 in Kerala is used for the PG use in this training.
Some topics are added: HIV, Dementia, Physiotherapy, Music-Therapy, Geriatric Care
and topics related to nursing. Download here



5 day training at Manipal

Dec. 11th to 15th 2015

More Information:




5 day training at Mangalore

January, 20th to 24th 2016

More Information:



15 day advanced training at Mangalore

February, 17th to 21st 2016 and

September, 07th to 11th 2016 and

December 2016: timetable.

Only open for persons who attended training December 11th to 15th or Jan 20th to 24th

or an equivalent training (basic certificate course /e-learning; basic week for nurses at Yenepoya)

More Information: